[ October 8–11, 2019    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA ]


Bakery & Snacks

Dave's Killer Bread

I spent a few minutes in the lobby of Dave’s Killer Bread’s “World Breadquarters” before my interview appointment and tour of the facility. What I noticed immediately was that everybody was happy to be there. And I do mean everybody. I didn’t see a single person walk by who wasn’t smiling. There were even a […]

Sure, you know flour. You deal with it every day as the cornerstone ingredient of your bakery products. Yet this is a complex ingredient. From types of wheat, to harvesting and milling practices, to flour grade, treatment and analysis, there’s a lot to consider. A quick tour of flour Different types of wheat have different […]

New to the baking industry? Have you ever wondered why bakers seem to talk a different language than everyone else? Take “Baker’s Percent” for example. This calculation is especially difficult to grasp for the engineering mind. Why do bakers use a special percent? Historically, baker’s percent has been used because of the functionality of wheat […]

blueberries muffins close up in a basket

As American consumers get increasingly busy, snacks and packaged baked goods are gaining ground. To be successful in this sector of the food industry, processors must keep a finger on the pulse of upcoming trends. Snack foods According to Euromonitor, snack sales make up 40% of the $370 billion U.S. packaged food market, and sales […]

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