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For Immediate Release Media Contact: David Seckman CEO/President 703-663-1200 Dseckman@fpsa.org McLean, VA May 5, 2020 – The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA), owners of the global food equipment and technology show PROCESS EXPO, has reached an agreement with Messe Frankfurt, Inc. The North American subsidiary of German-based Messe Frankfurt will assume responsibility of all aspects […]

In a prior life, long before joining FPSA, I worked for a large chemical company run by, you guessed it, chemical engineers. In our just-in-time operations, when it came time to fight for product for my international customers, the product managers didn’t want to hear about how important a client was or our market share […]

Based on direct feedback from PROCESS EXPO attendees, it is critical to your success that your company is prepared to address all industry segments you serve or can adapt to serve. Please share some of these tips with the team who will be on-site at PROCESS EXPO: Bring more equipment! If the attendees walk by […]

A guy walks into a booth with a parrot on his shoulder and a suitcase containing $2M in cash to buy equipment at PROCESS EXPO. Heard that one before? Actually, it’s a true story, except for the part about the parrot. This happened at the 2017 show when someone wanted to buy a few pieces […]

Give or take a few. That’s how long it takes me to walk by your booth. Why should I stop? Is it the pretty pictures on the posters? Is it the video display on the plasma? Is some catchy messaging you’ve got up on your signage? The truth is, I can get all of that […]

We don’t just run a trade show. We attend them and exhibit at them, so we too are always in the process of trying to find a good deal on housing. Maybe that’s why we also attract scammers, just like our exhibitors do. In fact, when they call us pitching cheap rooms for PROCESS EXPO […]

If you’ve been paying attention to these blog entries, you might have said to yourself, “Jeez, they don’t stop talking about all this Horizontal stuff with this year’s show.” And you’d be right. If you think that’s bad, we’ve been serving up this messaging to our attendee audience since the 2011 show when we held […]