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Shelf Life of Pasteurized Fluid Milk There is a well-known fact in the dairy industry; milk spoils if you keep it too long. Pasteurized fluid milk products (e.g., 161°F/15 sec or 145°F/30 min) are perishable commodities that must be processed and handled with care to maintain quality up to and beyond their “code” or sell-by […]

Sure, you know flour. You deal with it every day as the cornerstone ingredient of your bakery products. Yet this is a complex ingredient. From types of wheat, to harvesting and milling practices, to flour grade, treatment and analysis, there’s a lot to consider. A quick tour of flour Different types of wheat have different […]

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Preventive Controls for Human Food identifies four types of preventive controls. The first type of preventive controls is Process Preventive Controls. When developing a Food Safety Plan for Preventive Controls for Human Food, after the preliminary steps (product description, flow diagram and process descriptions) and the Hazard Analysis (identifies […]

Alternative curing is no longer considered a “new” technology.  It has now been over 10 years since this unique approach to curing has been widely utilized in meat and poultry plants across the country.  However, the idea and concepts of alternative curing have been explored, investigated, and implemented (with marginal success) at some level for […]