FPSA Membership

fpsa-logoOur members supply a wide range of products and services to the food and beverage industries, covering each link in the supply chain.

FPSA Supplier Members

FPSA Supplier Members are providers of ingredients, equipment and/or supplies for manufacturers and processors of food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and related products.

Supplier Members are involved in:

  • Processing Equipment & Sanitation
  • Packaging and Materials Handling
  • Ingredients & Flavors
  • Distribution
  • Technical Services (Instrumentation, QC, R&D, Refrigeration/HVAC)
  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction

FPSA Associate Members

FPSA Associate Members are companies that provide services to, and engage in, commerce with FPSA Supplier Members and food processors.

Associate Members are involved in:

  • Food Processing/Manufacturing
  • Consulting/Education
  • Facility Services
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance/Risk Management
  • Media/Publishing
  • Information Technology
  • Recruitment Services
  • Transportation
  • Safety
  • Economic Development

Access Membership Application

For more information about joining the Food Processing Suppliers Association, contact Ann Marie Penaranda, Operations Manager at [email protected].