October 8–11, 2019    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA    Pure Processing. Proven Results.


PROCESS EXPO Executive Forum

Wednesday, September 20, 10:00am–2:00pm*

This invitation-only program will provide C-level food processing executives the opportunity to address a number of topics with industry experts and fellow leaders.

This program includes:

Attract, Train and Develop: Win the Battle for Skilled Workers

Presented by Nicholas Wyman, CEO, Institute for Workplace Skills & Innovation

Can your business find enough people with the skills you need? Are workforce shortages an impediment to growth? Drawing on his work with the organizations who are pioneering the most cutting-edge solutions to addressing their skills needs, Wyman offers a roadmap for how business leaders can develop the human capital needed to keep our businesses innovative and profitable. Technological advances of the last few decades have transformed manufacturing and production workplaces. Most are high-tech and fully networked, relying on complex computers and machines. And these businesses need workers with both production skills and technical knowledge to run them, completely redefining what was once considered “blue-collar” work. Wyman invites business leaders to join the conversation and discuss innovative solutions to attract, retain and develop the next generation of skilled workers.

The Leadership Dilemma: Change, Complexity, and Distraction in the 4-Generation Workplace

Presented by Kelly Riggs, Author of 1-on-1 Management: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t and Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales

Today’s workplace is radically different than it was even 20 years ago, and the impact of technology is not always for the better. Now, there are now four generations of employees in the workplace, mashed together in a cauldron of constant change, distraction, and complexity.

Combined with the more traditional challenges of leadership – talent acquisition, communication, performance management, strategic planning, and much more – how is a Boomer manager to adapt? How will companies attract and retain Millennial and Gen Z talent?

The old-school approach to management, a relic of the Frederick Taylor era, is dead in the water. With the dramatic impact of technology on every aspect of the workplace and corporate culture, managers need to dramatically rethink their approaches to leadership and performance, or risk becoming irrelevant. In this keynote, Kelly presents the critical issues that leaders currently face, and offers specific, proven solutions to leading in the new, technology-infected, iGeneration workplace.

“In the past two decades the amount of information embedded in our daily lives has skyrocketed. There are smartphones that count our steps, websites that track our spending, digital maps to plot our commutes, software that watches our Web browsing, and apps to manage our schedules. We can precisely measure how many calories we eat each day, how much our cholesterol scores have improved each month, how many dollars we spent at restaurants, and how many minutes were allocated to the gym. Unfortunately, however, our ability to learn from information hasn’t necessarily kept pace with its proliferation.” Excerpted from “Smarter, Better, Faster,” by Charles Duhigg.

Is Food the New Tech?

Presented by Keith Nunes, Executive Editor, Food Business News

The North American food and beverage industry has seen an unprecedented amount of venture capital investment during the past five years. Such companies as General Mills, the Campbell Soup Co., Kellogg Co., Unilever and others have created funds to invest in emerging start-up companies seeking the next stage of growth. Keith Nunes, the Executive Editor of Food Business News, will discuss the macro trends driving the venture capital investment frenzy as well as the consumer trends driving the emergence of so many start-ups intent on disrupting the traditional food and beverage marketplace.

For more information, contact Andy Drennan at adrennan@fpsa.org or 703.663.1201, or sign up online at myprocessexpo.com/execforum.

*Includes a working lunch.