Why Exhibit

  • Over the past five years, PROCESS EXPO has grown its total attendance by an unprecedented 198% ranking it as one of the nation’s fastest growing trade shows across all industries (EXPO Magazine 2012 and 2014)
  • Thanks to this strong growth in attendance, you will generate far more qualified leads in four days at PROCESS EXPO than in four weeks of sales calls on the road … at a far more economical price
  • PROCESS EXPO’ attendee base hits your sweet spot, coming from Engineering, Operations, Production, Maintenance, Plant Management, R&D and Corporate Management – all the people who understand what you have to offer and have the purchasing influence to make it happen
  • The Exhibitor Invites Program is for all exhibitors and incentivises the exhibitors to reach out to help bolster attendance at PROCESS EXPO. 
  • To learn about PROCESS EXPO, review our 2017 Exhibitor Prospectus


Exhibit Today!

Grace Cular Yee
Vice President, Sales
Phone: 703-663-1220
e-mail: gyee@fpsa.org

Alaina Herrera
Exhibit Sales Associate
e-mail: aherrera@fpsa.org


Still not sure whether or not PROCESS EXPO is right for you? Take a look at some of the feeback we've received from our exhibitors.