Why Exhibit

  • Over the past four years, PROCESS EXPO has grown its total attendance by an unprecedented 198% ranking it as one of the nation’s fastest growing trade shows across all industries (EXPO Magazine 2012 and 2014)


  • Thanks to this strong growth in attendance, you will generate far more qualified leads in four days at PROCESS EXPO than in four weeks of sales calls on the road … at a far more economical price


  • PROCESS EXPO’ attendee base hits your sweet spot, coming from Engineering, Operations, Production, Maintenance, Plant Management, R&D and Corporate Management – all the people who understand what you have to offer and have the purchasing influence to make it happen


  • The Exhibitor Invites Program is for all exhibitors and incentivises the exhibitors to reach out to help bolster attendance at PROCESS EXPO 15












Exhibit Today!

Grace Cular Yee
Director, Sales
Phone: 703-663-1220
E-mail: gyee@fpsa.org
Floor Plan: click here


Still not sure whether or not PROCESS EXPO is right for you? Take a look at some of the feeback we've received from our exhibitors.