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Cara Godack

This summer, we’re featuring interviews with members of the FPSA Young Professionals Group. This interview is with Cara Godack, the marketing manager at M&M Refrigeration, a company that designs, manufactures, builds, and services industrial refrigeration systems worldwide. How did you get into the food industry? CG: I’ve worked with M&M for about 2 years. At […]

Food factory equipment - conveyor belt

A factory acceptance test (FAT) is a crucial part of any major equipment purchase. This is when stakeholders from the purchasing company visit the OEM’s facility to test out the new equipment and make sure it works as expected. An FAT allows vendors and their customers to identify any issues before the equipment is shipped […]

Mincer in Meat Processing Plant

Although pathogens get more press, foreign materials continue to plague the food industry. They are the largest source of consumer complaints, and thus a top reason for recalls. In 2017, over 9 million pounds of food products were recalled because of extraneous material, which was more than the amount recalled for any other reason. And […]

Warranty Void If Removed watermark stamp.

You’ve seen the stickers that say “Warranty: Void If Removed.” They’re especially common on computers, Xboxes, and other consumer electronics. You may also have heard the recent news that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has declared these warning stickers illegal. What impact does this have on the food and beverage processing and packaging industry? The […]

The program at last month’s FPSA Annual Conference included a Food Safety and Sanitary Design Panel Discussion sponsored by Food Safety Summit and National Provisioner. One of the topics before the panel was FDA inspections and genomic sequencing. This article provides a brief review of the discussion. “Swab-a-thons”: What happens when FDA inspectors visit If […]

Poultry in grocery store

Over the past five decades, American diets have shifted toward poultry. And today, poultry (mainly chicken) makes up roughly half of the meat Americans eat. This consumption pattern, which is being echoed around the world, will help the poultry processing equipment market to reach $4.11 billion over the next five years. Key factors in the […]

Raw Meat Sausages In Packing Box

Even with all of the new meat alternatives making their way onto grocery store shelves, the demand for processed meat remains high. And it’s growing fast. According to “Meat Processing Equipment Market, Global Forecast to 2022,” a market research report recently commissioned by FPSA, all processed meat categories will experience substantial growth over the next […]

LED light for food processing facility

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this interview series so far, delving into everything from thermal processing equipment to maintenance management software, and from how to find engineering talent to how to build great processor-supplier relationships. One area we haven’t explored yet is the physical environment in which the equipment, software, and people operate […]