October 8–11, 2019    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA    Pure Processing. Proven Results.



Califia Farms unsweetened beverages

What does it take to be successful in today’s ever-changing food market? According to Greg Steltenpohl, co-founder and CEO of Califia Farms, you need an innovation mindset, collaborative and reciprocal relationships with trusted suppliers, and the willingness to really listen to your customers when they tell you what they want. Next month at FPSA’s 2018 […]

Maintenance technician with mobile device

The answer to almost every challenge facing the food industry these days has to do with technology. Need to boost productivity? Implement continuous systems. Improve food safety? Automate your production lines. Cut labor costs? Hire robots. These are all part of a much larger change known as the digital transformation. From plant floor operations to […]

Beer manufacturing equipment

Food processors must balance many priorities. Unfortunately, those priorities often compete. For example, most processors put maximizing productivity and uptime at the top of the list. At the same time, operations like cleaning and sanitation require systems to be shut down. Proper cleaning and sanitizing are vital for ensuring food safety and preventing recalls. However, […]

UIC Engineering Day

Recruiting the next generation of workers is one of the biggest challenges facing the food industry today. Processors, packagers, OEMs — companies across the board are struggling to deal with a talent shortage as more of the workforce retires, and as tech companies with glitzy offices and outrageous perks compete for the same crop of […]

Article by Roderick Smith, Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine This article previously appeared on Compressed Air Best Practices. Oil in the Würstchen! It was the Fall of 1997 in Germany. I was just another guy working in the German compressed air industry. East Germans were still being looked down on – seven years after unification, the […]

Guenter Becker tattoo

Let’s face it, the food industry has a reputation of being a bit…stuffy. But what’s lurking beneath those starched collars and tucked-in shirts? An eagle? A Celtic symbol? Perhaps an inspirational quote? This month, it’s time to shed that stuffy facade and reveal your wild side by entering PROCESS EXPO INK, the industry’s first ever […]

In conventional thermal processing systems, heat energy is transferred through conduction and convection from a hot medium to a cooler product that may result in large temperature gradients and uneven temperature distribution with the product. Heat exchangers typically utilize pressurized steam from petroleum-fired boilers with less than 25 – 30 percent of the energy conversion. […]