September 19–22, 2017    McCormick Place    Chicago, IL USA    Pure Processing. Proven Results.



Why Ultraviolet-C Light Is a Superior Processing Solution For Juice Blends The growing demand for health-promoting fruit and vegetable juice blends, with improved nutritional and sensory attributes, has prompted the adoption of nonthermal technologies, including ultraviolet (UV-C) light at 253.7 nm.  Below are 14 reasons why UV-C can become a superior solution and suitable alternative […]

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High pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, microwaves — these technologies (collectively referred to as “advanced processing technologies”) aren’t widely commercialized in the United States…yet. But, as processors work to meet the demands of consumers who want high-quality, natural foods without unpronounceable ingredients, interest in advanced technologies is growing. To learn more about these three technologies […]

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This year’s PROCESS EXPO will feature an extensive education program aimed at keeping processors and suppliers up-to-date with the latest research, innovations, and ideas in the food industry. To get the conversation started early, we asked some of the speakers for a sneak peek at their presentations. Topic: Pasteurized Equivalent Water Speaker: Ismail Gobulukoglu, Aquafine […]

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Microwave Processing – Description             While in-home microwaves have been common in the U.S. since the late 1960s, larger-scale industrial processing using either batch or continuous microwave systems has been commercialized relatively recently.  Microwaves can preserve fruits and vegetables by heating, pasteurizing and sterilizing foods using electromagnetic radiation in the microwave frequency range.  This energy […]

5 Ready-To-Use Minimal Preservation Technologies for Fruit, Vegetable and Nut Based Cold Pressed Juices There is a big buzz about the benefits of cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and nut based beverages. The premium cold-pressed industry has been valued at an estimated $3.4 billion and is expected to experience a strong growth in the […]