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Article by Roderick Smith, Compressed Air Best Practices® Magazine This article previously appeared on Compressed Air Best Practices. Oil in the Würstchen! It was the Fall of 1997 in Germany. I was just another guy working in the German compressed air industry. East Germans were still being looked down on – seven years after unification, the […]

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Let’s face it, the food industry has a reputation of being a bit…stuffy. But what’s lurking beneath those starched collars and tucked-in shirts? An eagle? A Celtic symbol? Perhaps an inspirational quote? This month, it’s time to shed that stuffy facade and reveal your wild side by entering PROCESS EXPO INK, the industry’s first ever […]

In conventional thermal processing systems, heat energy is transferred through conduction and convection from a hot medium to a cooler product that may result in large temperature gradients and uneven temperature distribution with the product. Heat exchangers typically utilize pressurized steam from petroleum-fired boilers with less than 25 – 30 percent of the energy conversion. […]

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For food and beverage manufacturers facing tight profit margins, there’s nothing worse than unplanned downtime. Except perhaps a recall. Or discovering that your warehouse is full of unusable products because of a contamination issue that wasn’t identified early enough. Fortunately, technologies are available today that can help companies avoid all of these situations. And at […]

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With the constant population growth, the food processing industry is always striving to respond to increase in demand, for both quality and quantity. Customers are pushing for fresher, healthier products, while hygiene and sanitation need to meet the highest standards. Regulatory agencies are requiring more stringent food safety measures, for example, through the Food Safety […]

Why Ultraviolet-C Light Is a Superior Processing Solution For Juice Blends The growing demand for health-promoting fruit and vegetable juice blends, with improved nutritional and sensory attributes, has prompted the adoption of nonthermal technologies, including ultraviolet (UV-C) light at 253.7 nm.  Below are 14 reasons why UV-C can become a superior solution and suitable alternative […]

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High pressure processing, pulsed electric fields, microwaves — these technologies (collectively referred to as “advanced processing technologies”) aren’t widely commercialized in the United States…yet. But, as processors work to meet the demands of consumers who want high-quality, natural foods without unpronounceable ingredients, interest in advanced technologies is growing. To learn more about these three technologies […]