What’s New in Bakery? Sanitary Design, Gluten-Free, and More

As you know, over the past few months, we’ve been interviewing key players from different sectors of the food and beverage processing industries to learn how they are being affected by current trends and new technologies.

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Unauthorized Calls

Mr. Drennan, we’d like to interview you for the PROCESS EXPO Show Daily,” she said, as if I should be flattered. She didn’t know who she was talking to. I was just a mark.

Oh really?” I responded.

Yes, this is the Show Daily that is going to be distributed to all attendees at McCormick Place,” she added.

Social Media Workshop: Join the Conversation

PROCESS EXPO will be hosting a FREE 30-minute webinar on Social Media to help your company gain visibility before, during, and after the show!

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Highlights: 2015 Show Operations Conference

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. ~ ZIg Ziglar

More than 60 new and veteran PROCESS EXPO and International Dairy Show exhibitors converged on Chicago for the 2015 Show Operations Conference hosted by FPSA and IDFA. Exhibitors learned ways to improve their trade show experience, maximize their event ROI, and exchange ideas with their peers. 

How the Food Sanitation Industry is Changing

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is set to take effect, and with it, the role of the FDA is expanding. Among other things, the FDA now has the power to rescind the registration of a facility upon suspicion of a problem, as well as the power to issue mandatory product recalls.

3 Reasons to Show Up to Show Ops

​Are you going to the 2015 Show Operations Conference on June 26-26, 2015 at McCormick Place, Chicago? If you answered, "No", or "I'm not sure", you still have time to decide and here are the reasons why: 

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